Zayed Khan posts photos of his body transformation, calls Hrithik Roshan his mentor.

Actor Zayed Khan seems to have worked really hard on his fitness lately. Veteran actor Sanjay Khan’s son and Sussanne Khan’s brother took to his Instagram account to share a buffed-up photo of himself.

Zayed Khan shared the photo along with a long note, which had a special shout-out for actor Hrithik Roshan, who was married to his sister Sussanne. Zayed called Hrithik Roshan his mentor.

Zayed Khan posted, “Good morning People. The Sun will shine again . So don’t give in , don’t sell out , perceiver . For Pain will only cleanse . Sometimes it’s unbearable I know , I feel that too. And sometimes it’s just not worth going through. But remember god tests those more, who can handle Pain , and come out on the other side Stronger , Braver more resilient . Truth is that we will never have all the answers and the irony is we never really had to. It’s time we forgive each other and ourselves. It’s time we become Warriors not Parasites !!! I know this couple of years has been tough on all of us but our country needs us more then ever. We must pick ourselves up , dust ourselves off and move forward together. Hand in hand , shoulder to shoulder and believe that GOOD EXISTS! Trust me my friends it does we just have to give it and honest chance , and I’m sure we will , you will , and everyone will.”

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