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With Corona and people suffering, one doesn’t feel happy or wish to celebrate birthday: Dharmendra

“I am full of life, am a dreamer and want to keep doing something,” says veteran actor Dharmendra, who will turn 85 on December 8. “Earlier, I used to celebrate my birthday but later, I felt it was too artificial, kyun industry mein dikhawa zyaada hota hai. Log janamdin ko promotion ke liye use karte hain. Moreover, this year has been quite sad with the farmers suffering and the ongoing pandemic – it doesn’t make one feel happy. You can’t enjoy. Also, since losing my mum years ago, I don’t really enjoy celebrating birthdays. She would be so excited about it,” says the senior actor, who is in Mumbai to be with his family this week, before returning to his farmhouse in Lonavala.

Recalling a time when the late Ashok Kumar attended his birthday party, he says, “Once dada moni met me on my birthday and I remember taking his autograph on a R100 note. I would dream to be in the industry and my dreams came true.” He is excited to start work on two movies including Apne 2 with his sons Sunny and Bobby Deol. “I know how to use my time otherwise waqt aapko istamal karta hain. At my farm, I keep experimenting with produce as I am a dehati. I practice Yoga which gives me some positive energy. I remember God and thank him for his blessing us. I try to be good with everyone, even ones who hurt me. Yeh mera nature hain and I was born with this quality,” he shares.


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