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WhatsApp has quietly released a new feature.

WhatsApp last week released new features onto its platform. The list includes a new animated sticker pack, new wallpapers and Sticker Search among others. Today, the Facebook-owned messaging app quietly released a new feature that would enable WhatsApp to notify its users about various updates more easily.

WhatsApp has released a new feature called In-App Notifications. This feature is available in the Notifications section of the Settings menu. Once you get to the Notifications section, you will find the ‘In-App Notifications’ section. Tap on it and you see the settings that will enable you to customise how you will see in-app notifications by the company in the app.

First, you select the Alert Style, wherein users get three options that include None, Banners and Alerts. WhatsApp says that ‘Alerts require an action before proceeding. Banners appear at the top of the screen and go away automatically.’


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