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Vikas Kumar reveals ACP Khan’s sexual orientation was initially not part of Aarya’s script.

On the heels of a coveted International Emmys nomination, the Aarya team is excited to be back with the second season of the show. While fans cannot wait to see what Sushmita Sen’s Aarya has up her sleeve this time, eyes will also be on Vikas Kumar, who plays ACP Khan in the crime thriller on Disney Plus Hotstar. The actor shared that while the first season focused on Khan’s job, this time, the story will revolve around who he is as a person.

The show had previously hinted at Khan’s sexual orientation. While Vikas did not want to reveal much about Khan, he said that he did get an opportunity to explore other facets of the character in the new season. “Audiences will get to see more about his relationship. Also, like the last time, the makers have been very sensitive about the kind of treatment it got. The character was never built for sensationalism or to create a buzz. And from the feedback that we got, we did manage to make a mark,” he shared. Vikas Kumar added that even though ACP Khan is a strong policeman, his personal life shows that he also has a very humane and vulnerable side to him. While he wasn’t curious to know how his character evolves, he said he trusted creator Ram Madhvani’s larger idea for Khan’s journey.


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