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Vijay no ‘real hero’ for trying to evade tax on his Rolls-Royce Ghost: Madras HC.

The Madras High Court took an exception to actor Vijay’s petition seeking relief from entry tax imposed on his luxury car, Rolls Royce Ghost. While dismissing the star’s petition, which was filed in 2012, Justice SM Subramaniam also commented on the petitioner’s hesitation to pay the tax as per law.

Justice SM Subramaniam observed that evading tax is an “anti-national habit, attitude and mindset and unconstitutional.” He further questioned the integrity of movie stars, who make movies that encourage their fans to be lawful citizens, while they themselves attempt to evade tax.

Vijay had moved the court against the “extraordinary entry tax” imposed on his vehicle imported from England, despite having paid the import duty as per the Customs Act during the time of purchase.


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