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Twitter testing new TikTok-like Explore page layout, sensitivity warnings.

Twitter is testing a vertically-scrolling Explore tab for the platform that looks heavily inspired by TikTok. The page will show users an endless supply of pictures and videos, similar to how the TikTok and Instagram Reels feed works.

The micro-blogging platform carried out a limited rollout of the new Explore tab feature on December 8 in select regions, where the feature came to both iOS and Android users. The tab can be seen divided into two further sub-categories named ‘Trending’ and ‘For You’.

As this is a feature still in testing, we are still not sure if Twitter plans to make the addition permanent and implement a wider rollout for the same just yet.

Twitter One-Time warnings for photos, videos

Twitter also announced that it is testing a new one-time warning implementation for new photos and videos where users will be able to flag their posts with Violence, Nudity or Sensitive labels. This will allow viewers to make sure they want to view your tweet before they stumble upon something they probably didn’t want to see.

The feature will mean users will have more control over their sensitivity labels. Prior to this, users could only mark their tweets as sensitive, without any more context. The feature comes after the platform earlier announced that it is trying a new human-first approach to reporting content.

Currently in testing, the feature is only available to a small user-base in the United States. However, it is expected to be made widely available next year.



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