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Tughlaqi lockdown, lip service: Rahul Gandhi’s jibe at Centre on workers’ plight

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Friday once again criticised the Centre over the lockdown to contain the spread of the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) and the plight of workers across the country after its imposition.

“They first brought the Tughlaqi lockdown and then left millions of workers on the road. Then made it difficult to withdraw their only support of MNREGA earnings from banks. The Modi government is only about lip service and crushing the rights of the poor,” his tweet roughly translated from Hindi read.

On Wednesday, the former Congress president had criticised the central government over inflation and unemployment. Gandhi had said that the public morale is crumbling and social justice is being crushed daily.

“Banks are in trouble and GDP too. Inflation was never so high, nor was unemployment. Public morale is crumbling and social justice is being crushed daily. Development or destruction?” he had tweeted in Hindi.

The Congress leader has been targeting the Centre on various issues, including the handling of the coronavirus pandemic, economic condition in the country and unemployment, among others. He and his party have time and again alleged that the government was not doing enough to resolve these issues.


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