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Tom Holland describes painful stunt for Uncharted, where he ‘shredded his hands to bits’.

Hot off the success of “Spider-Man: No Way Home“, Tom Holland is swinging back into action as Nathan Drake in video game adaptation “Uncharted.”

“I’ve been playing two very famous characters who are famous for climbing things,” the 25-year-old British actor told Reuters. “It was important to us to create this unique style for Nathan Drake so there were no similarities to Spider-Man at all but… when you’re making these big films, it’s exciting to see how far you can push the limits, to what you can do physically, to design these sequences to be unique and be fresh and new.”

Nathan Drake is the male equivalent of Lara Croft in the gaming world, breaking into secret tombs and avoiding deadly traps to seek out ancient artifacts.

Holland does his fair share of daring stunts but the film’s promotion focuses on a sequence where Drake falls out the back of a plane and struggles to get back onboard. Holland described the stunt as “the hardest thing I’ve ever done from a physical point of view,” spending nearly every day for five weeks in a studio being wired up 100 feet (31m) from the ground.


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