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Tiger Pop: I did not want my mother to go back to her hard life

On Sunday, Ajay Singh aka Tiger Pop took home India’s Best Dancer trophy. The young boy from Gurugram also received a cash prize of Rs 15 lakh and a swanky Maruti car. His choreographer Vartika Jha also received a cheque of Rs 5 lakh.

Tiger Pop shared that he wasn’t confident that he’d win as he was up against strong dancers like Mukul Gain, Shweta Warrier, Paramdeep Singh and Shubranil Paul. However, given that he was receiving so much love from fans, he had his hopes running high.

“Everyone who came on the show was always so kind to me. Hence, I knew that I would also receive the same amount of love from the audience. I wasn’t very sure, but somewhere I had the feeling that I might be the winner.”

Sharing that he considered Mukul Gain a tough competition, Tiger Pop shared that he was praying hard, and had his eyes shut when the announcement was about to happen. “After reaching this far, I did not want to lose. I was praying hard as I did not want my mother to go back to her hard life again. When my name was announced, I could not contain my happiness. I was over the moon. Now I am just waiting to go back home and celebrate with my family and friends,” shared Tiger Pop.

The young dancer revealed that he has been getting messages on social media about how his dancing, shows his love towards the craft. He also shared that many people connected with him, given his relatable personality.

When asked which performance was his personal favourite, the champion said, “There were quite a few. The one where I performed as Rajesh and then the ‘soul exchange’ act are my favourites. Apart from that every time I performed for the judges, it gave me a different kind of satisfaction.”


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