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This winter, manage hair fall with these simple Ayurvedic tips.

While the winter season brings respite from months of hot and humid weather, it also brings with it a range of skin and hair issues. The season is dry, and hence, makes our skin and scalp dry and flaky, too. Resultantly, we tend to suffer from an excessive amount of hair fall during winter.

“Winter and hair fall go hand-in-hand, don’t they? Well, it’s time we break their friendly bond and stop letting our favourite season ruin our most precious hair,” Ayurvedic expert Dr Dixa Bhavsar said, as she shared tips to keep hair fall at bay during winter.

Consume amla daily

You can have amla shot in the morning, or just bite into amla. You can also have it in powder form. Chyawanprash and amla juice are other ways you can consume this beneficial food item.

Oil your hair

While a lot of us end up avoiding it, it’s important to oil our hair, the expert said. Your hair needs nourishment just the way your body does. Oil your hair at least once/twice a week.

She suggested using coconut oil, amla oil, bhringraj oil, castor oil, sesame oil or a mixture of all of these.

Consume jaggery

Jaggery is best consumed in the winter season. It helps with digestion issues, low haemoglobin, sweet cravings and keeps you warm. Replace sugar with jaggery. Have a piece of jaggery after meals or just make healthy energy balls using it.

Consume sesame energy balls

Sesame seeds are best for hair fall, especially when consumed during the winter months.


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