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Tejasswi Prakash: ‘Ekta Kapoor wouldn’t have withdrawn Naagin 6 offer if I lost Bigg Boss 15’.

Hours before she was announced as the Bigg Boss 15 winner, Tejasswi Prakash was introduced as the face of Naagin 6 by the channel. This made a certain section of the audience believe that she won the reality show because she was signed as the new naagin, or vice versa. Not someone to take the negativity to heart or get affected, Tejasswi shrugged off the claims, calling it all a ‘funny development’.

“Other actresses, who have played naagins have also done Bigg Boss. But they didn’t win. I never found logic in these claims. It’s not that Ekta ma’am would have taken back the offer if I didn’t win the show. I had even asked her during my first meeting if I won because of the show. And she told me she didn’t care, she wanted me as her Naagin. Also, even if I got offered the show and won because of it, tell me, there were other girls also in Bigg Boss 15. Why didn’t they get the same opportunity. It just doesn’t make any sense. Various statistics have proved that I was loved every week on the show, and I can see the love people have for me. So to say that it was all planned is really funny,” Tejasswi said.

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