Supriya Sule schooling Tejasvi Surya in Lok Sabha on dynasty politics.

Nationalist Congress Party MP Supriya Sule has recently given a dressing down to BJP MP Tejasvi Surya in the Lok Sabha, the video of which has now gone viral on social media with social media users heaping praises on Supriya Sule. The statements from Supriya Sule came on Wednesday in the Lok Sabha following Tejasvi Surya's criticism of Rahul Gandhi's '2 India' jibe. Tejasvi said that these two Indias are actually one before Modi which was under the dynasts and the other after Modi. It was this point where Supriya Sule struck hard.

Tejasvi said Congress and its dynast leaders were confusing their political unemployment as the unemployment of the country. "If there is one person who is unemployed in this country, it is the prince of the Congress party, the dynast of the Congress party," Surya said.

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