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SS Rajamouli to Allu Arjun: ‘Pushpa should go big and far’.

Filmmaker SS Rajamouli seemed quite upbeat about the upcoming movie, Pushpa: The Rise, which stars Allu Arjun in the lead role. He noted that director Sukumar is not just his best friend but one of his favorite directors.

“I feel both sad and happy today. I am sad because my best friend and favorite director Sukumar is not present here today. He’s in Mumbai, fully busy working, to present Pushpa in the best possible way. I like his films and we both have a mutual fan club. We constantly exchange messages about our work. And recently, he kept telling me that he was strapped for time. I advised him to just to believe in the product and give everything he has to it, and all things will fall in place. And likewise, he is working round the clock. And I am sure that the cinema will come out fantastically,” Rajamouli said at the pre-release event of Pushpa recently.


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