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Sonia raises ‘misogynistic’ passage in CBSE paper in Lok Sabha; seeks withdrawal, apology.

Terming a passage in the English paper of the Class X CBSE exam as “atrocious, shockingly regressive and blatantly misogynist”, Congress president Sonia Gandhi on Monday demanded in the Lok Sabha that it be withdrawn immediately and the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) should issue an apology. Sonia also urged the ministry of education to conduct a review on gender sensitivity standards of curriculum and testing.

“I add my voice to the concerns of students, parents, teachers and educationists, and I raise strong objection to such blatantly misogynist material finding its way into an important examination conducted by the CBSE. It reflects extremely poorly on the standards of education and testing and it goes against all norms and principles of… empowered society,” Sonia said while making a rare submission during the Zero Hour in the Lower House.

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