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Sonakshi Sinha responds to fan’s marriage proposal on Instagram: ‘Currently not accepting…’.

Actor Sonakshi Sinha expertly fielded some awkward questions that came her way when she started an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Instagram. Some fans asked for photos of her feet, while others wanted to see her in a bikini. Yet, Sonakshi dodged these questions with hilarious responses and didn’t indulge them.

When a fan asked her, “Kya khau jo weightloss ho jaae (what should I eat to lose some weight)”, Sonakshi said, “Hawa khaiye ap! Hmmmm (Eat air).” Another requested her to share pictures of her feet, to which she simply wrote ‘nope’. A fan also wanted to see ‘bikini pics’ but Sonakshi posted a picture of a bikini. One proposed marriage to her and she answered, “Currently not accepting proposals on Instagram.”


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