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Six reasons you should have spiced teas in winters.

Winters are synonymous with hot beverages that keep the body warm from the inside. Tea is a popular drink that is specially enjoyed in the colder months. While most people prepare it with milk, sipping on tea sans milk is extremely beneficial for this weather.

Anubha Jhawar, sommelier and tea blender, and founder of CelesTe, says in winters, we need sustained heat, and that can be achieved by consuming various herbs and spices. “Each herb or spice or combination serves varied purposes, and we need to select the ones we want to include in our diet. Consuming foods that are richer in fat and good cholesterol like dry fruits, meats and ghee is recommended for a winter diet. To finish up a meal, one must also include herbal tea to keep the body warm and the digestive system running.”

According to Jhawar, there are various reasons why you should stock up on herbs and spices for tea, and some of them are listed here:

* Antioxidants: Spiced teas contain a high amount of antioxidants that help strengthen the body’s immune system and protect against flu and other viruses.

* Inflammation: Sipping on warm blends relieves inflammation and pain. It is believed that drinking saffron-infused tea or adding a few cloves in a boiling pot of drinking water helps in reducing inflammation in the body, relieving pain.

* Sets your vibe: We feel gloomy during the winter months and end up binging on chocolate. While comfort foods are encouraged, they should be balanced with drinking herbal teas. Including lavender, chamomile tea, or cardamom tea will help you stay calm and also make you feel optimistic. You can also have a blend of lavender and chamomile with some basil before going to bed for a sound sleep.

* Smooth digestion: Consuming heavier food and the tendency to keep sitting and avoiding mobility heightens the chance of digestive issues in winter. Drinking some ginger, mint or star anise infused tea aids digestion and gastric distress, especially if consumed after or between meals.

* Blood circulation: During the winter months, due lack of exercise, our body gets stiff and the blood circulation gets impacted. Drinking cinnamon tea helps improve blood circulation internally, besides regulating blood sugar levels.

* Fights cold and cough: We often catch a cold or cough during winters and drinking warm tea provides the much-needed comfort. Spiced teas help in relieving common cough and cold. Some ginger, turmeric or liquorice tea soothes the irritation in the nasal tract and helps alleviate cold or cough.


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