Shweta Pandit is confused by the viral ‘Shweta memes’: ‘Why am I trending worldwide?’

‘Shweta memes’ have been going viral on the internet. And now singer Shweta Pandit has contributed to the trend in her own unique style.

It all started after a girl named Shweta unwittingly opened about some intimate details regarding a boy, during a zoom call in front of 111 participants.

Shweta on Thursday took to Twitter to write, “Meanwhile me: I have no idea why am i trending worldwide #Shweta #Pandit .” One user commented, “Search your name on YouTube.” Another Twitter user wrote, “A girl named Shweta mistakenly revealed sex life of her friend named pandit on zoom meeting and 111 participants were telling her to off her mic.” Another comment read, “Not u, ur name is trending.”