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Shriya Saran says Gamanam will make her daughter Rada proud.

Shriya Saran, who has completed two decades as an actor, is awaiting the release of Gamanam on December 10. She plays a deaf woman in the movie, directed by Sujana Rao. Gamanam, with music by Ilaiyaraaja, also stars Kandukuri and Priyanka Jawalkar.

Ahead of the release, the RRR actor opened up about the film, her journey as an actor, and motherhood.

You’ve completed two decades in the film industry. How are you celebrating?

I am very grateful to God and the audience. Nothing is possible without their love and support. It’s a humble feeling. I still think I am a girl-next-door. I remember the shooting days of my first film Ishtam (2001). And coming from there to here means a lot. I hope I can work for 20 more years.

What made you sign Gamanam?

My perception of cinema has changed now. I want to do films which would make my daughter and family proud. I feel Gamanam meant something to me. The film’s story moved me to tears after hearing the narration. I felt that intense desire to be a part of this project.

How would you define Gamanam?

The film is all about the discovery of self. Every character has its journey of finding themselves. Everyone (in the movie) is helpless, but eventually shows willpower like, ‘I have to do it, and I will do it’.

I felt that when I got pregnant in Barcelona amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. Throughout the term, there was a fear of me getting Covid-19, and we couldn’t risk it. We took care of it the whole time. And when I was going to the operation theatre, it was that fear — ‘Can I do it?’ Then you do it. It just happens. I mean, it’s magical.


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