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Sergio Aguero set to retire due to heart condition.

Reports in Spanish media suggested that Sergio Aguero could announce his retirement this week.

The rumours about his imminent retirement have been circulating in the media since he came off in his first match for Barcelona. Aguero was diagnosed with a heart arrhythmia since he was brought off after 41 minutes of his first start for the club after suffering from chest pains.

Earlier, Barcelona issued a statement following the incident that read: “The player Kun Agüero has undergone a diagnostic and therapeutic procedure by Dr. Josep Brugada.

He is out and for the next three months the effectiveness of the treatment will be evaluated to determine his recovery process.”

The heart exams conducted on Kun Agüero has revealed that his pathology is more serious than what was assumed and pessimism grows. Depending on the evolution Aguero may be forced to retire from professional football.


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