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Sahil Khan on Manoj Patil’s suicide bid: ‘I want to speak about the truth’.

Bollywood actor Sahil Khan has been named in the FIR filed by Oshiwara police on Friday in connection with a suicide attempt by Manoj Patil, a bodybuilder who won the Indian Body Builders Federation (IBBF) Mr India title for best sports physique in 2016.

Patil had tried to end his life by taking an overdose of sleeping pills at his Oshiwara residence Thursday and was rushed to the hospital where he is recovering. Khan, along with others, have been booked for pushing the victim to take the extreme step, an officer said. A doctor from the hospital told on Thursday, “He has regained consciousness and is in a stable condition. We have taken samples from his body to find out what he had consumed. We have updated the police officials about his health condition.” On this matter, Sahil issued an official statement in which he said, “I have been involved in the suicide attempt case of Mr. Manoj Patil and hence I want to bring forward my side of the story today. I want to speak about the real truth and the real reason why my name is bought into this controversy, along with proof. If after that anyone feels that my explanation n proof are not convincing enough, than let the legal system take its due course, but if any other individual is proved wrong then there should be legal action taken against him too!”

After issuing the statement, Sahil hosted a press conference in Mumbai, where he spoke on the matter. He said, “This matter is not between me and him, it is between him and Raj Faujdar. Raj Faujdar had given him Rs 2 lakh and he sold Raj steroids that were expired in 2019. After that, Raj asked him to give his money back, but he faced some issues with his health and heart. However, he wasn’t ready to give up on his money and got in touch with me, Junaid Kaliwala and many other athletes to help him.”


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