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Rubina Dilaik recalls selling two houses after producer falsely penalised her for Rs 16 lakh.

Actor Rubina Dilaik shot to fame with her debut television show Choti Bahu. However, her journey in the entertainment industry was not always rosy. In a recent interview, Rubina opened up about her initial years in Mumbai, and how she had to sell two houses because she wasn’t paid for her work for several months. On top of that, she said, she was penalised for unprofessional behaviour, allegations that she claimed weren’t true.

The actor spoke about an incident in 2011 when she was made to pay a whopping amount of money as penalty. Narrating the incident, Rubina told Bollywood Bubble, “My payments were due for nine months. I used to call my production house and producers, visit their office and plead them to pay me because I had to pay EMIs for my house.” She said that one day she came to realise that the payments were not being made as she had to pay a certain amount in penalties. “I get this ledger sort of thing with uplinks, which you file when the shoot get delayed and you have to pay penalty,” Rubina said, and went onto narrate how she was made to pay penalties worth Rs 16 lakh.


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