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Reliance’s JioBook could be an ARM-based laptop with Windows 10.

Jio reportedly has plans for a new JioPhone 5G which could release later this year, as many reports have suggested. However, it seems the JioPhone 5G is not the only product the company is working on. Reports of an ARM-based JioBook have begun surfacing too.

A new report by 91Mobiles details some new findings on the JioBook. The laptop could be a budget-oriented notebook, which like the JioPhone Next, could be offered at a low price, and perhaps multiple EMI options that could allow users to buy the laptop at a small initial cost and pay the remaining sum in installment later.

Apart from the notebook being ARM-based instead of x86, we don’t know a lot about the JioBook right now. The filing also mentions that the OEM for the laptop is “Emdoor Digital Technology Co., Ltd,” a Chinese company based out of Shenzhen.



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