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Realme upgrade program: Here’s how you can get Realme X7 Pro for Rs 20,999.

The Realme X7 series has finally made its debut in India and starts at Rs 19,999, while the Realme X7 Pro is priced at Rs 29,999. But with Realme’s upgrade program, the devices are available at an effective price of Rs 13,999 and Rs 20,999. You might be wondering how is this possible and what is this upgrade program? Here’s how it will work.

What is the Realme upgrade program and how to avail it?

Realme’s upgrade program is in partnership with Flipkart and it will go live starting February 10. Under this program, buyers will be asked to pay only 70 percent of the smartphone’s price at the time of checkout. After one year, the customer will be required to pay the remaining 30 percent amount of the smartphone and retain the existing smartphone.

However, if a user wishes to upgrade the smartphone with a new Realme X-series flagship after 12 months, they will have to return the current Realme X7 series phone, and again pay 70 percent of the new smartphone’s price. This way you are getting a mid-range smartphone at a lower price every year.



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