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Ranveer Singh kisses Deepika Padukone as couple enters airport, fans marvel over his OOTD.

Early on Wednesday morning Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh were spotted at the international airport in Mumbai. The stylish couple entered the airport hand-in-hand and Ranveer was his chivalrous self as he opened the car door for Deepika and then held her hand as they posed for the paparazzi stationed there.

Just as we thought the couple was done posing for the cameras, Ranveer quickly planted a kiss on his beautiful wife’s cheeks, leaving Deepika blushing. Both of them had their masks on.

While the duo definitely did set some couple goals this morning, they also had their fashion game on point. Deepika was seen donning a monochrome coordinated set of skirt and top paired with knee high black leather boots and a matching bag.


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