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Priyanka Chopra Jonas on returning to work: ‘I cried on the plane, I was terrified’.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas sure is a busy woman. Work wise, she has a lot on her plate. In fact, as soon as the world started to open up a little after the second wave of the pandemic, the global icon was on her way back to work. But that did not mean that she was not terrified.

Speaking to Vogue India in a recent interview, the superstar confessed that she was nervous about returning to work after feeling safe with her family by side in the months they were ‘locked down’ together.

“I spent six months at home feeling really safe with my family, and then Germany was the first time I left to go work. I cried on the plane. I was terrified.” However, husband and singer Nick Jonas‘ presence helped her calm down. The actor added, “He, my mum, my family came with me and we spent Christmas and New Year’s together while I was filming. It was really nice to not have to come back to an empty home. Nick wanted to help me settle in.”

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