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Priya Darshini on her first ever Grammy nomination: It means that I am doing something right.

Getting nominated for a Grammy in any category is special for any musician, at any point in their career. It, therefore, becomes even more special for someone like Priya Darshini, whose debut album,Periphery, has been nominated in the Best New Age Album category at the upcoming 63rd Grammy awards.

“It still hasn’t sunk in,” she says, and laughs for pointing out the obvious. “I guess it will take time to sink in. It is just an incredibly surreal feeling. I mean not that I am looking for any validation, but, it does give me that feeling that I am doing something right,” she says.

By something, the 36-year-old means the choices she has made, including the choice to move from Mumbai to New York to pursue music, despite having sung in Bollywood films and the non-film/pop space.

“I’ve never felt the need to go out looking for fans. I believe in immersing myself in my art and letting my work speak for itself. My priority has not been to get followers or get famous, but to immerse myself in my art form and artistry. I truly believe that when you create something good, people eventually find a way to it,” says Darshini, who is trained in Hindustani classical music.


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