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PM has to make efforts to reach out to J&K: Mehbooba Mufti.

ACCUSING THE BJP government of running Jammu and Kashmir like a colony and treating it as a laboratory, PDP chief Mehbooba Mufti on Tuesday said the political process in J&K is in a “total limbo”. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who had spoken about reducing “dil ki dooriyan (distance between hearts)”, should make efforts to reach out to the people of J&K, she said.

The former chief minister said the “reach out” will have to come from the central government and not from the political leadership of J&K as “everything is in the hands of the central government”. She, however, said she has little hope left. Although the Prime Minister had met the political leadership of J&K in June, she said she has not heard from the central government since then. “The government here has to make the effort. Who are we to make efforts? We have nothing in our hands. Everything is in their hands. Saare barbaadi tho inhone ki. Prime Minister Modi had spoken about reducing dil ki dooriyan. He has to make efforts to reach out to the people of J&K. What can we do. We have nothing to offer. They have many things. They have to reach out to us,” Mufti said when asked whether she will reach out to the government during an interaction with journalists at the Indian Women Press Corps here.

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