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Octavia Spencer aims to bring hope in times of darkness: ‘It’s the task I’m charged with’.

Octavia Spencer, the Oscar-winning star of films such as Snowpiercer and Hidden Figures, says she feels it is her purpose to bring light and hope through her work.

As one of the most versatile actors currently working in Hollywood, Spencer said her aim is to make people reflect back on their lives. “It is the task that I am charged with. The fact that I’ve found success in this business and I’m getting to do what I love to do, I hope that I bring entertainment. I hope that I bring or allow people respites from whatever they’re experiencing in their lives,” the actor told PTI in a Zoom interview from Los Angeles.

“Sometimes with art, we can influence lives and I hope that some of the characters that I get to play will cause us to think about how we navigate out in the real world. How we go through life and how we treat people, what their experience may or may not be,” she added.

Spencer said the name of her production banner Orit Entertainment means light and this is what she wants to spread in the world.

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