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Nehru left Goa’s freedom fighters to die, delayed liberation, says PM Modi.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday took a swipe at former Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru for ‘failing’ to liberate Goa soon after India achieved independence from the British.

The Prime Minister claimed that Nehru allowed freedom fighters to be killed by the Portuguese police without offering any assistance. PM Modi was addressing a rally at an open ground in Mapusa town of North Goa on Thursday. Why BJP & Congress are banking on Fauji votes in Uttarakhand contest? | #ElectionsWithHT In the run up to the assembly elections in Uttarakhand, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has now sparked off a fresh debate between the 'creators of the state' and 'those who conspired to block it'. As per the latest opinion polls, BJP is set to reclaim its bastion with the most votes yet again but it will face a tough contest... “Many people do not know about the fact that Goa became independent 15 years after independence of India. It had to stay enslaved for 15 years more. India had a force; it had the army, a strong navy. What could have been done in a few hours, the Congress delayed for 15 years. The people of Goa continued to fight for their freedom, satyagrahis braved bullets, and continued to tolerate atrocities but the Congress government did not help them,” the Prime Minister said.


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