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Neha Mahajan on a being part of Ricky Martin’s Grammy-nominated album.

Sitarist-actor Neha Mahajan recently got a big surprise, when the album she collaborated on with singer-songwriter Ricky Martin was nominated for the Grammys! She tells us it all started when she got a call from his manager.

“I have been playing with my father, who’s a musician, for 13 years now. I would play a few things, and then put it on Instagram. I got a phone call one day from Martin’s manager. She said ‘we heard your music, would you like to be a part of this/’ I thought it’s a total prank, because I have not really done a solo concert or cut an album!,” she reveals.

The next thing she knew, she had to send a recording of her playing the sitar, and that made the cut.


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