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Naina Singh says revelations about her struggle were not telecast, she was portrayed as a ‘bimbo’

Bigg Boss 14 wild card contestant Naina Singh, who was evicted just two weeks after she entered the show, has objected to her portrayal on the reality show. She said that her conversations about her struggle and journey were not telecast. She feels that she was portrayed as a ‘bimbo’, whose only concern in life is make-up and expensive clothes.

Naina also questioned why her conversations did not make it to the episode, while Eijaz Khan and Shardul Pandit’s did. She said that her side of the story should have been shown as well.

“What I really hated about my journey was whatever I spoke about my personal life, about the mask task, it was not shown. In that house, at some point or the other, everyone is talking about their personal life, but they chose to show that Naina is only bothered about makeup, expensive dresses and has a house. Do they know about my struggles, whether I was in depression or not? Do they know how I have managed to reach so far in the day?,”

“If makers were showing Eijaz, Shardul’s struggle and personal life, why did they choose to ignore my side of the story? Don’t show me in a wrong light, at least, tell my side of the story also. Telecast the things that I spoke. They have just shown me as one ‘bimbo’ who has done nothing on the show,” she added.

Before entering Bigg Boss 14, Naina told Hindustan Times that she wanted the audience to see the ‘spontaneous and funny side’ of her. She had said, “If you follow me on Instagram, if you see my pictures and videos, I am very fun-loving and entertaining. People consider me very upfront, blunt and arrogant but no one has seen the spontaneous and funny side of me. I love to joke around. I am more in the fun zone than about fighting or bitching. I am someone who will entertain myself, if I don’t get anybody.”


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