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Music is the only way to heal the world: Kailash Kher.

Decked in a black blazer atop a black shirt, trademark ponytail and earrings in place, Kailash Kher loves to break into a song while conversing. This time was no different. Smiling, he shares how music is important in times of turmoil. His take is precise but significant. “There is the United Nations and so many of those human rights organisations all over the world. They talk so much about peace, but without any effect. They offer no solution. Music is the only way to heal the world. Music doesn’t talk much. It simply heals,” Kher says.

Kher tackled the pandemic in his own way. “It is a warning sent out by nature that once we go limitless with it, there’s no looking back. Nature will hit back at us in some form or the other,” he says. Kher and his musicians weren’t sitting still. They did what they do best: create music. “There were people who were going through limitless stress. We created music for them. The problem was there was no one to understand that we too went through a lot of stress during this time to create the music,” he shares.


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