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More than big bad incidents, it’s the everyday stuff that hugely effect one’s mind: Mallika Dua.

Today, a celebrity can lose themselves as there is a lot of noise on social media. Moreover, you don’t have the luxury to switch off as you might lose bit of work and that is a downside,” says actor-comedian Mallika Dua, who feels that we are consuming a lot than what we are creating today.

“On Twitter, there is some or the other bad news, on Instagram, your peers are doing something that you are not, or there is fear about what someone is saying on social media. So, where do you find time to create? You need to be pulled out of the limbo to go to work. Also, most celebs you can’t say what you want as the consequences can be huge, which isn’t all specific to just celebs,” adds Dua, who has been part of OTT shows, films and creates content on social media.


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