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Modi targets Mamata: TMC game of corruption over, time for real change.

For over an hour at a massive election rally in Kolkata on Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi targeted Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee over her nephew’s alleged corruption, her government’s policies, and her party’s slogans. The BJP will rejuvenate Bengal and bring jobs and investment, he said.

“This time they (TMC) are saying ‘Khela Hobe (Let us play)’. They are indeed very experienced players, and know how to play,” the Prime Minister said. “People of Bengal have been looted through corruption and scams. Even cyclone Amphan relief funds were looted. You (TMC) have indulged in tolabazi (extortion), syndicates, and commission-cuts. You have done so many scams that an Olympic Games on corruption can be organised,” he said.


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