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Modi launches connectivity projects in Assam.

Highlighting the BJP government’s commitment to increasing connectivity and development in Assam and the Northeast, Prime Minister Narendra Modi Thursday launched multiple initiatives in Assam, including the Mahabahu-Brahmaputra inland waterway project and the foundation stone of two bridges across the Brahmaputra. The projects are a continuation of a slew of similar development and infrastructure announcements by the BJP government in the past month in poll-bound Assam.

“The Brahmaputra is a confluence of brotherhood and togetherness. For years, this sacred river has connected people,” PM Modi said, through a virtual video conference. He referred to the lines of Bharat Ratna Bhupen Hazarika’s song — ‘Mahabahu Brahmaputra Mahamilanar Tirtha, Koto Yug Dhori Aahise Prakashi Samanyar Tirtha’ (The mighty Brahmaptura is on a timeless pilgrimage, assimilating, integration and unifying people of diverse cultures) — to highlight the role of the river in the life in Assam.


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