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Mika Singh slams Kangana Ranaut, says being a ‘sherni’ on Twitter is no big deal.

Picking up where he left off, singer Mika Singh continued criticising actor Kangana Ranaut, whose comments on the ongoing farmer agitation in north India attracted controversy on Thursday. He welcomed her to provide meals for the protesting farmers instead.

Reacting to a tweet in which Kangana wrote about fielding multiple court cases at the same time, Mika wrote, “Par beta aapka target Kya hai ye tau samajh aaye, you are a talented beautiful girl aap acting karo na yar .. suddenly itni desh bhagti wo bhi twitter and news pe (But what is the point of this, I don’t understand. You are such a talented, beautiful girl, you should focus on acting. Why this sudden nationalism, and that too on Twitter and in the news).”


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