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MEXC Referral Code: 13sJU (Get Free Sign Up Bonus Reward).

The MEXC referral code is: 13sJUb. New users registering on the platform can get the best sign up bonus using this code.

About MEXC Global MEXC is a crypto exchange and trading platform. It should not be confused with the Mexican Stock Exchange, which is sometimes abbreviated in a similar manner. MEXC was founded in 2018 and brands itself as a high performance exchange. What that means is that the main purpose of the platform is to give high-volume traders all the tools they need to research and execute their trades.

Of course, it is possible for users to purchase crypto with fiat currency. MEXC offers ways for users to purchase crypto through a credit card. MEXC also recently launched PUSH, which is its P2P exchange that allows people to purchase crypto through bank transfers and various other payment methods.

Of course, MEXC has both spot and margin trading. More importantly, MEXC allows users to invest in various crypto ETFs, both indexed and non-indexed. For those unaware of what they are, ETFs hold a wide variety of crypto assets. This allows passive traders to diversify the risks associated with crypto, while still achieving the returns.

Users can also trade futures on MEXC, with up to 125 x leverage. The exchange claims that the spreads offered on MEXC are better than its competitors. While it is true that the spreads are better than the industry average, there still are a handful of platforms that have even lower spreads.

Lastly, there are also various DeFi features on the platform such as staking and mining pools. MEXC Global does not have an NFT marketplace or any NFT-related features at this time. However, we doubt that will be the case for much longer.

Let’s take a look at how new users can get a sign up bonus through the referral code.

How to Get the Referral Bonus on MEXC

When registering on MEXC, it is possible to get a sign up bonus through the referral code. Simply follow this step by step guide:

  1. Go to the MEXC website. There is a green “Sign up” button in the top ribbon that starts the registration process.

  2. Once the process has begun, users need to input all the details and the credentials for logging in.

  3. During this part, users will be asked for a referral code. Type: 13sJUb.

  4. Once the registration is complete, users need to complete certain verification checks and requirements.

  5. The bonus is available once all the required checks are complete.

  6. Users can then join the MEXC referral program to receive additional rewards.

MEXC has a fairly lucrative referral program that allows users to earn rewards while using the platform. Let’s take a look!

MEXC Referral Program

The MEXC referral program works in a similar way to most other exchanges. Users that are a part of the program can receive a commission from the fees generated by their referrals. The referrals, on the other hand, can receive a discount on their fees.

How to Join the MEXC Global Referral Program

Users can join the referral program both through the website and the app.

For the website, users need to click on the person icon in the top ribbon. From there, they need to click on the referral button. It is possible to get up to 50% off the referral fees through the program.

Users are then taken to the referral portal. Here, they can see their referral code, link, and poster. These can then be shared with friends and family to invite them to MEXC.

For the app, the process is roughly the same. Users click on the person icon, and then the referral button. However, the app allows the user to directly share or send a link to a person or group of their choice.

MEXC Reward Centre

The MEXC Reward Centre is another way for users on the exchange to make additional money. Through the reward centre, users complete specific tasks and then receive a reward.

New users have to go through the beginner tasks. After that, they have a choice from various promotions running on the platform.

The Reward Centre cannot be used to make a significant amount of money. For that, users should look at inviting a lot of people through the referral program. However, it can be used to make a few extra bucks without having to spend a lot of time on the tasks.

Users should look at the reward centre whenever they have some free time, as some money is better than no money.


MEXC has perhaps the simplest fee structure out of all the exchanges that exist. The trading fee is set at 0.2%, and is deducted from the asset traded.

There are no deposit fees on the exchange, and withdrawal fees are calculated depending on the network conditions. Users can see the withdrawal fees before they make the withdrawal, and there is a minimum withdrawal limit like all the other exchanges.

Get the MEXC Sign Up Bonus Now

MEXC is a great exchange for those that want a simple, transparent fee structure and a lot of features. It is especially perfect for people that want to tap into DeFi and want as many features supporting DeFi as possible.

The MEXC referral code 13sJUb can be used by new registrations to get the best sign up bonus on the exchange. Use it now and begin trading with up to 125 x leverage, and don’t forget to make use of the MEXC Reward Centre and referral program.


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