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LG Wing now available at a discounted price of Rs 29,999: But should you still get it?.

The LG Wing, one of LG’s last smartphones is one of the most unique phones to come out in recent years, giving a whole new dimension to dual-screen smartphones. While the device launched at a price of Rs 69,999, it has now received a massive price cut and will be available for just Rs 29,999, getting users a discount of about Rs 40,000. The discount is as of now, applicable on Flipkart on the 8GB/128GB variant.

The price drop comes soon after LG’s decision to stop making smartphones. The company will now be looking forward to clear its inventory of remaining units of many of its recent phones including budget devices like the LG K42 and other phones like the LG Velvet and Wing. LG Mobiles is set to completely shut down operations by July 31 this year.

LG Wing at Rs 29,999: Should you still get it?

If LG is shutting down its mobile business, why should you still put your money in an LG smartphone? The LG Wing is a pretty capable smartphone to begin with, being powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G, a 5G-enabled chipset that also powered phones in this segment like the OnePlus Nord and Vivo V20 Pro.

Though the company is shutting down, LG has promised that all its phones will continue getting software updates for three years. This includes the LG Wing, which is likely to be updated all the way to at least Android 13, as per the brand. Hence, if you’re willing to get a new phone in the next two to three years anyway, the LG Wing could be one of the best phones Rs 30,000 can buy you right now. Here’s a look at the specifications of the LG Wing.

The 5G phone comes with a primary screen is a 6.8-inch Full HD P-OLED screen with a 20.5:9 aspect ratio. The primary screen swivels into a T-shape to reveal the secondary G-OLED screen is 3.9-inch in size. There is no cutout camera on the front display as it has a motorised pop-up 32MP camera. The 5G smartphone is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G processor.

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