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Kriti Kharbanda on negativity around Bollywood: Of course it breaks you a little bit.

Anyone who is a part of the Hindi film industry could not have remained unscathed by all the negativity that was happening all around, including Kriti Kharbanda. The actor says while she thinks there are two sides to the story, she could not help but get affected by it.

“But I have always believed that this too shall pass and it has been one of my mottos in life. Yeh bhi nikal jaega. Of course it breaks you a little bit because you are hearing all this and there is just so much negativity thrown around you. But I think that was the battle, the idea is to not give in to the negativity and to hold your own ground and to make sure that you come out victorious,” she says.

For Kharbanda this is something that she has always strived for in life and adds that she loves her film industry and stands by it.


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