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Kangana Ranaut tells Hansal Mehta, director suggests they have coffee after the pandemic.

Filmmaker Hansal Mehta and actor Kangana Ranaut engaged in an interesting chat on Twitter as Mehta questioned if Maharashtra was going to witness President’s rule due to the surge in the coronavirus cases. Kangana shared her opinion in the affirmative and added that Mehta too “will become a bhakt.”

Mehta shared on Twitter, “Are we going to see President’s rule in Maharashtra soon?” Kangana jumped on to share her opinion on the subject and wrote that Mehta “will be a Sanghi” very soon. She added that “you will be disillusioned by these librus like me.”

Kangana’s tweet read, “Ideally we should, Hansal sir very soon you will be a Sanghi, you are a rational man, when you will be disillusioned by these librus like me, a lotus will blossom in your heart and you will become a bhakt, then we will go to Sadhguru aashram together, or to Kailash pilgrimage.”


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