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Janhvi Kapoor on her global aspirations: ‘I’ve auditioned for a couple of international projects’

Bollywood actor Janhvi Kapoor is looking forward to the release of her next film Roohi on March 11. Here, Janhvi plays a woman who has been possessed by a spirit but since this is a horror-comedy, audiences can expect to get some laughs along with a few jump scares. In a recent interview with Deadline, Janhvi spoke about the film’s theatrical release and how she wants it to bring people back together, just like the old times.

“I really hope it works out – communal viewing in theatres is such a big deal and has been such a part of our culture since the start of time. I would hate if it died out because of the pandemic; we need to keep it alive, but we need to be as safe as we can and take all the precautions we need,” Janhvi said.


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