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India uniquely poised to leap ahead in information era: PM Narendra Modi at Bengaluru Tech Summit

India is uniquely positioned to leap ahead in the information era and the country has the best minds as well as the biggest markets for doing so, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Thursday.

Addressing the Bengaluru Tech Summit, Modi said India’s local technology solutions have the potential to go global and it is time for them to be designed in India and deployed for the world. “The potential of our youth and possibilities of technology are endless. It is time we give our best and leverage them. I am confident that our IT sector will keep making us proud,” he said.

On the government’s focus on leveraging the benefits of technology, he said that policy decisions are aimed at liberalising the technology and innovations industry and an example of that is the recent relaxations announced in the compliance burden on the IT industry.

“The achievements of the industrial era are in the rear-view mirror, and now, we are in the middle of the information era. The future is coming sooner than anticipated. In the industrial era, change was linear. But in the information era, change is disruptive,” the Prime Minister said.

He said from catering to local needs such as construction of houses for the poor to setting the pace for the defence sector, technology plays a key role.

“Earlier, wars were determined by who had better elephants and horses. Now, technology is playing a very important role in global conflicts. From software to drones to UAVs, technology is redefining the defence sector… In the information era, the first mover doesn’t matter, the best mover does. Anyone can make a product anytime that disrupts all existing equations of the market,” he said.

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