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Harish Rawat says Shah’s barb against him shows BJP mentality.

Former Uttarakhand chief minister Harish Rawat has hit back at Union Home Minister Amit Shah for using a Hindi idiom alluding to the Congress leader’s “helpless” state within his party, and said that the statement showed the “mentality” of the BJP.

At a rally in Raipur on Saturday, Shah said the Congress is unable to decide the role of Rawat in the coming state Assembly elections, adding his situation was similar to ‘dhobi ka… na ghar ka na ghaat ka’. The full Hindi idiom makes a reference to the word dog, and Shah said he did not want to use it.

“Ye bechare Harish Rawat ko neta banayenge, nahi banayenge, banayenge, nahi banayenge, ticket denge, nahi denge, yahan se denge, wahan se denge (The Congress cannot decide whether to make Harish Rawat their leader or not, whether to give him a ticket or not, and from where)… “Yeh dhobi ka… aage nahi bolna chahta… na ghar ka ghaat ka,” said Shah.


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