Film industry no longer laughing stock: Ratna Pathak Shah.

Veteran actor Ratna Pathak Shah believes the Hindi film industry is no longer churning out ”garbage” in the name of movies and says it is steadily marching on the path to bring global glory with its work.

The actor, a stage and screen stalwart, said the Indian film industry’s growth is running parallel to the apparent downfall of the cinema from the West. The arrival of new makers and the courage to tell braver stories carries with itself the promise of putting Indian cinema in the spotlight, Shah said.

“We were genuinely laughable, today we are not. Today, we take ourselves seriously and hopefully the world will too. We haven’t got there yet, we are still struggling with many things, but we are on the path. Down the line, the world will have to take notice of us. “We will come up with shows, films, that will speak up, standup for themselves. Not in the niche, but in the mainstream (space). Our moment will come. We also happened to be positioned well, because look at the garbage the West is putting out in terms of films!” the actor told.

But the current phase of Indian cinema, the 64-year-old actor said, is hard earned.

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