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Farah Khan writes open letter on choosing to become mom at 43 via IVF

Filmmaker and choreographer Farah Khan has penned an open letter on choosing In vitro fertilisation to become a mother at the age of 43. She is mother to triplets – Anya, Czar and Diva -- who are 12. She said in the letter that she became a mother when she wanted to and not as per the diktats of the society.

“As a daughter, wife and a mother, I’ve had to make many choices because of which I have become the choreographer, filmmaker and producer that I am. Every time I felt the moment was right, I listened to my gut and seized it. Whether it was for my career or for my family. We think about people’s judgements so much, we forget that it’s our life and it’s our call!” she wrote in the letter.

She said that there is no appropriate age to conceive as deemed by the society. “Today I am a proud mother of three because of a choice. I became a mother when I was ready for it, not when the society deems “the appropriate age to conceive.” Thanks to advancements in science, I was able to do it via IVF at my age. Today, it’s nice to see that more women are making this choice without fear of judgement, changing people’s mindsets and taking their happiness in their own hands. I recently came to know of a show on Sony TV called Story 9 Months Ki which makes a bold and honest statement - Agar pyaar ke bina shaadi ho sakti hai, toh pati ke bina maa kyu nahi?”


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