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Dia Mirza: Actors can’t be on set and be paranoid about Covid, we have to let go.

The entertainment industry is almost back on its feet after being brought down to its knees by the pandemic. Shoots have resumed and actors are stepping out to work, including Dia Mirza, who admits that initially it was a tough call to go back to work, but says once on set, she was beyond happy.

“When I decided that I am was going to get back to work, I made sure that there are obviously protocols in place to ensure highest level of safety. But after a while you have to let go and just focus on the job. You can’t be on the set and be paranoid about the fact that you might contract. I go in there and I can’t tell you the joy it has given me to go back to sets. I just feel like it’s a new life. But you do what you have to do,” she says.


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