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Chidambaram targets govt over vaccination plan.

Senior Congress leader P Chidambaram on Sunday hit out at the BJP government over its Covid-19 vaccination strategy, saying that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call to chief ministers to organise a “tika utsav” is nothing but “rhetoric and hyperbole” to cover up the way the Centre has “messed up” management of the production and supply sides of the vaccines.

With several states reporting vaccine shortages, the Congress has been aggressively questioning the Central government’s inoculation strategy. Congress president Sonia Gandhi had Saturday argued that the government has mismanaged the situation, exported vaccines and allowed a shortage to be created in India.

“What does one say when the government wants to call the vaccination drive an ‘utsav’? By no stretch of imagination can it be a festival. The vaccination drive is a crusade. Having messed up the management of the production and supply sides of the vaccines, the government is covering up its massive failure through rhetoric and hyperbole,” Chidambaram tweeted.


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