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Caviar’s iPhone 13 Stealth series is bulletproof, but has no rear camera.

Luxury brand Caviar is known for its over-the-top editions of popular tech items like the iPhone series, some Android phones and even the Sony PlayStation 5. While the gold-plated editions of various iPhone variants that Caviar has produced over the years looked exotic, in most cases they offered no special benefits.

That changes with the Caviar iPhone 13 Pro/ Pro Max Stealth series. The new phones follow up on the iPhone 12-series Stealth edition phones from last year, and the new version adds BR-2 class 2 bulletproof armour by NPO TCIT – a renowned name in specialised combat vehicles and helicopters.

The new iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max are not just strong, they’re reportedly strong enough to survive a pistol shot, as seen in a video shared by the brand. While the phone is not completely impervious to bullets and will take a very visible beating on the back, it will apparently still be usable.


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