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Carry on Carry: How Ajey Nagar turned into YouTube sensation CarryMinati.

Known to 29.5 million people on YouTube as CarryMinati, Asia’s no 1 YouTuber Ajey Nagar has quite literally grown-up creating content for the web. In a new milestone for Ajey, his hugely popular song Yalgaar, composed by Wily Frenzy, has now been turned into the title track for the upcoming film, The Big Bull starring Abhishek Bachchan. The film will mark his first outing as a ‘playback singer’ in Bollywood, adding a new achievement to Ajey’s list of accomplishments as a rapper, singer, gaming and roasting specialist.

Ajey was just 10 years old when he discovered YouTube and was intrigued by the possibilities it offered him. After spending three years experimenting with the platform, Ajey decided at 13 that he wanted to pursue a career as a digital content creator. “It was all very organic,” Ajey says. “I remember in the start, I used to record myself doing all these crazy football tactics so that I could replay it a million times and learn from my slipups to ace the sport. Little did I know at that time I’d be doing content creation for a living.”


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