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BJP worships democracy, others pray for riots: Nadda.

BJP chief JP Nadda said on Saturday that while those in BJP worship democracy,others pray for riots and even mortgage the interest of our country for the sake of getting votes. “Hum praja tantra ke pujari hai, woh danga tantra ke [BJP worships democracy while they pray for riots],” Nadda said while addressing a gathering in Meerut.

Although the BJP chief, in his address at a convention of party’s polling booth chiefs, did not name the Samajwadi Party or its president Akhilesh Yadav, a major portion of his speech was aimed at the former CM. “During the five-year tenure of the previous government, the state has witnessed more than 700 riots in which 112 people lost their lives. The previous government had acted as a shield to protect killers of Sachin and Gaurav in Muzzanafarnagar’s Kaval town during riots. It was due to the sheer tenacity of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath that the state is now free of riots and things are running smoothly on the development front,” said the BJP chief.


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